Thursday, 13 October 2011

For my Hubby on his 28th Birthday...

Twenty Eight things I Love about You..
1)Going from Danny to Dan to Dad was a natural progression.

2) Your almond blue eyes that disappear when you smile.
3) Your crooked bottom teeth that are seamlessly juxtaposed by the perfectly straight top ones.
4) How you always assure me I am safe in the car because you are "Jeff Gordon professional race car driver"!
5)That you always do the dishes.
6)Your new amazing ability to cook gourmet food (brought on by my pregnancy mood of never wanting to cook and always wanting to eat).
7)When you loose something for like 30 seconds and you freak out...and it always ends up somewhere practical like your pocket or in your bag. Because who are we kidding you never loose anything.
8) How you take blame or full responsibility to make me feel better -like when I forgot the diaper bag after taking the bus all the way to my first mom and baby yoga class- and you assured me it was you, and bought everything I needed so I could still go.
9) Every time I cook it is your "FAVORITE" thing I have ever made, or you tell me how lucky you are that your wife is such a good cook (even if I have not made dinner for a week because I have opted to hold Elijah instead).
10) When you laugh so hard your eyes water.
11)Your divine love for school and accepting nothing less than perfect.
12) How you bake bread when you are stressed...what a zen attribute.
13) The way you play with your dreads when you study.
14) How you always play little games with Elijah.
15)That you notice if the sheets are less than 500 thread count.
16) That you love grocery shopping as much as me. Oh and eating. 
17) You are the best listener in the whole wide world.
18) That you always want me to be happy.
19) That you take care of me.
20) Seeing you rock out on stage and everyone dancing and loving it!
21) When I am upset you drop everything to make me feel better.
22) When you buy random little things for me that I would never buy -but secretly love- like lotto scratch tickets.
23) Seeing you in Savasana when I teach yoga.
24) Your calmness and patience.
25) How you always try to surprise me but it never really works.
26) How you love to dress up! What would I do with a man who did not love such a sublime thing as costume parties?
27) That you are my very best friend and we have been newly weds for 474 amazingly wonderful glorious days and...                                                                     
28) That I could think of a whole new list of of things I love about you...

...Happy day of Birth...I love you...

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