Friday, 20 June 2014

Five Months and Counting...

Gavin Luca is five months old...and what a little angel baby he is. He has been loving his Jolly Jumper and always wants to go in it. He giggles and jumps like crazy it is so sweet.
He has discovered many new things this month. He can sit up for a few seconds, he still needs a bit of help and leans quite far forward but he is getting the hang of it!
He is now rolling over from back to front, and is having a hard time falling asleep because he wants to test out his new skill. Oh and he had his first poop and pee on the potty!

Rolling... from Juli on Vimeo.
Gavin is staying awake longer, loves to play with little toys, has discovered splashing in the tub, always wants to sleep on Daddy's chest, and just absolutely adores his big brother. He has grown so much and is so heavy! We did a weigh in when we were in Calgary and he was 20 pounds, so I imagine he is about 21 now.
He stops all the old ladies on our street and they ogle him...can you blame them? Just pure sweetness.
Love, love, love you.

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