Sunday, 8 June 2014

Our Epic Trip (part one)

We decided to take a rode trip to Calgary to see the family, we stopped half way in Salmon Arm to visit Grandma Lori. We saw Five Alarm Funk...had a great little dance before a huge storm hit so we packed it back up to the Gallery.  We had a yummy picnic at the waterless waterpark, I had a lovely Mothers day hot tub with my mommy and a nice visit...then on the road again to Calgary.
We were off...almost made it to Golden when our car started to go really slow. I looked at Dan please tell me you can go faster than 40. Nope. We putted to a rest stop, Elijah said "Mom is this where we are having our picnic?" YUP...I hitched a ride into town with the littles (with a very lovely couple) and Dan literally rolled into Golden, luckily it was all down hill. Bob came and picked us up drove us to Canmore. Uncle Reid came to Canmore and took us to Calgary. Megan our red wagon left abandoned. It was like Amazing Race, but with babies, car seats and way too much stuff.
But it was all worth it when we saw the newest addition to our growing Family baby Adam Francis Luigi.  What a dove. His soft feathery hair, so squishy and And my sister is being a rockstar towing all three of her wonderful kidlets everywhere. Being awesome. Like she always is.
Elijah was so happy to see his cousins. 
We were so happy to see Grandma Pat and Grandpa Carl. They kindly drove from Edmonton to visit.  They always go out of their way to be wonderful! Such a nice visit.

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