Sunday, 8 June 2014

Our Epic Trip (part two)

Well Easter came and went quite some time ago and me and my sister were not in the same we postponed our festivities and the Easter Bunny made a special trip in May. It started the night before with a yummy meal and a super awesome treasure hunt! I loved how excited the kids were!
This is us all watching the kids finding the treasure...matching Easter pyjamas. They all excitedly put them on and off to sleep to wait for the Easter bunny.
I loved watching the kids during the egg hunt. Clara was in charge, finding everything, leading the boys around, making sure to share. Nate squatted in front of all the bunny cookies and ate everything as he went, his bucket was totally empty. Elijah followed Clara around excitedly refusing till the very end to even try a cookie. It was such a fun celebration! 

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