Thursday, 1 January 2015

Eleven months and Majahua

Gavin is eleven months old (well only for one more week)...and spent the whole month in Mexico! 
He had a blast! Who is that screaming? Oh just Gavin. Who is that under the table eating all the food scraps? Oh it's Gavin. Who is that climbing up the couch and scaling the walls? Gavin. Where is the broom? Gavin. Gavin. Gavin.
Our little Raccoon took his first steps in the privacy of our bathroom, just for me. In fact every time he did walk I was the only one who saw. Finally he busted out seven in a row for my dad and sister (okay more for the west jet airplane toy), but Dan still has not seen him do it...we had to resort to showing him a video. Anyways, the way he grips his toes so tightly into the ground is so cute!
Gavin just loves to explore and do his own thing. He is so busy. Which was a tad hard with the rock flooring, huge stair cases, oh and the pool in our living room. Clara was great at grabbing him when ever he would get too close.
He went through stages of eating a ton to nothing at all this month. He loved eating the fresh fish, papaya, banana and his favourite was black beans. We had a great little eating chair for him, but as I said before he preferred hang out under the table and beg like a puppy. He also learnt how to drink from a cup on his own, but would occasionally just toss it on his head. A work in progress.
Gavin had his first popsicle. I gave him a little taste of mine and then he refused to give it back. Om nom nom. Mexico introduced him into sugar way earlier than expected. 
Gavin also took a liking bat poop. Yup that is what I said. Even after puking all night he still took any chance he could to pop it in his mouth. Zia Jen mastered the face hold mouth wipe out. We even stared calling him Guano. And yes I am casually talking about bat poop, like is is normal to find it all day. Because it was. But as to not appear as a bad mother I will only post pictures of Cherrio eating, but it was a similar cute innocent face.
Now on with the broom. His love. He seriously would go and get it no matter where we put it.
Gavin loved the beach and playing in the sand and the little tidal pools. He also enjoyed playing with all the beautiful sea shells. His last encounter with a sea shell was a tad traumatic as it was currently housing a hermit crab and it pinched his lip and tongue. Poor lil' dude.
I cannot even begin to admit that our wonderful little being is almost one year old. It goes way too fast. He is sleeping in my lap as I post this, his soft curls on my belly. So perfect.
I love you Gavin. Also affectionately known during our holiday as
 Guano, Gavi, Gavinder, Gavinutzo, and Ga Ga.

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