Tuesday, 6 January 2015

First day of Forest School!

Elijah had his very first day of school today! I woke up this morning way to early and decided to bake cranberry muffins, because he would love that as a snack. I was nervous. Should he wear long johns and fleece pants? Oh but what if he gets too hot? Oh man they left the security tag on his new coat. Oh well. We all had a big breakfast and then I stood outside in my pyjama's holding Gavin as I watched them ride away. Off on a new adventure. An outdoor adventure. The school is completely outdoors and they meet in forest rain or shine and once a month at the farm (today was a farm day). Eli told me all about giving the sheep water, finding a huge worm in the garden plot they tend to, painting with leaves, crossing the pond bridge and standing up to his knees in the mucky water. I am so proud.

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