Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mud Kitchen

We received an email from Elijah's teacher informing us that they were going to do 'Mud Kitchen' this week so be prepared to take home a very muddy child. She delivered on her promise! Elijah had a blast making "chocolate and blueberry mud muffins." After filling the muffin tins he told everyone "Now we have to put it in the oven." The teacher asked him, "How will we know when it is done?" Elijah responded, "We have to set the timer!" Sure enough, awhile later (and after he and the other kids put some frosting on top) the muffins were ready. After story time and snacks Elijah started an activity by suggesting that all the kids build a house in the forest out of sticks. The teacher told them about lean-to's and away they went. After they had built the main part of the house, Elijah was adamant that they also build a potty. The last picture was taken just outside of the forest. Dan was telling Elijah that it was time to go home to which he cheerfully replied "No thanks Dad!"

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