Monday, 16 January 2012

Eating Party!

Today Elijah ate for the first time. From two people who take eating fairly seriously, this was a big deal for us. We celebrated with an eating party in the kitchen. What fun!
organic avocado puree mixed with breast milk

and after almost half of an avocado...he is full.

Click on the Video to see Elijah dig in! Remember if you get this post via email you may not be able to see the visit the blog.


  1. Love the multi-coloured tissue puffs...his darling bib and just the enthusiasm for his exciting milestone! party!

  2. Happy half birthday Eli! Clara, Nate and I loved watching your birthday video and seeing your photos! We are so excited! Wish we could have been at your party. You are already eating with a spoon! So advanced! We love you!

  3. Your Mamna made you a beautiful bib!

  4. Oh my goodness, you are all so cute! What a fun idea. It is always so fun when they start trying different foods! He is just growing so fast!