Wednesday, 4 January 2012

First Christmas

Moments of Christmas Splendour
Giggling while playing board games
Clara running her fingers through the icing
Feeling Nathaniel's soft cheeks against my face
Eating Dads salad
Signing Christmas Carols with my sister
(loving the sign for Heavenly Hosts)
Elijah's excitement opening presents at Cee Cee's
The old gold pendant from Mama Teresa around my neck 
Wonderful memories of Christmas in our matching p.j's-thanks mommy
Dan's excitement for his love of Espresso and his brother
Grandpa Don's guitar playing
Aquarium passes on a Salmon can
a little voice saying "too many presents"
The sheer surprise and excitement of Santa coming to the door
Cold walks, pretty lights and bunny "hunting"
Being blessed by Grandpa Carl
Falling asleep during the Grinch Who Stole Christmas
Catching up over lunch with paint samples and great friends
Sparkling Butterflies on the tree
The Glorious sound of Carols on the Eve of the Epiphany
My sister's thoughtfulness
The feeling of being a mom on my baby's first Christmas
on a not so cold night


  1. I love the moments of Christmas Splendour! We had so many this Christmas. So nice to have a Christmas 'in the moment' with all of our beautiful babes. Thanks for making it so special this year! Love you and miss all three of you so much already.
    Sister Friend

  2. You're the best. Loved it from the very first picture with his powder blue blazer, and your perfect curls and all the rest after. Elijah hair is growing in so handsomely.

    Merry Christmas!