Monday, 23 January 2012

Six months and counting...

Elijah is now six months old! Already half a year has passed, so crazy! He is now weighing in at 20lbs, and is 72cm long. What has our little darling been up to? Well, he sat up for the first time, he is still a bit shaky...but he can do it unassisted! He is now eating solids once or twice a day, he has tried avocado, banana and butternut squash. Elijah loves to hold the spoon and feed himself and lick all the goodness off with his gecko like tongue. Recently he has discovered the joy of banging and dropping his spoon...what fun...what noise!

He is not crawling but if there is something he wants he will inch, roll, squirm or otherwise find a way to get there-usually with some whining and impressive bum lifts. He is very busy discovering all his toys, stacking blocks and cups until he inevitably tires himself out. You can tell he getting sleepy because his head gets a little sweaty and his golden hair becomes damp by the time he drifts off. Elijah is also experimenting with his voice and sings us sweet songs of ahh..ahhgg..ah...uhh uhh..bbbbbb (rasberry) bbbbb (gummy toothless smile) ahhhhhhhhhhhh (sticks out tongue) uhhhhh.

It is so fun getting to know our little man, these past six months have gone by fast, but somehow it feels like Eli has always been around. We love you and your little personality that we get see more of each day.


  1. haha!!! omgoodness!! look at that tongue!!! so cute!!

    he has such a cute face when he laughs!! makes me giggle just looking at him!! such joy!
    love you guys tons and tons!

  2. Hi Juli and Dan and Elijah: What wonderful pictures, he is growing so fast I cannot believe he is 20 pounds! I love that post these wonderful pictures of Elijah.


  3. I love the tongue photo! Eli you are a little wee gecko!