Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Five months and counting in Cabo!

Backlog blogging. I am a bit behind with my blogs as I have opted to visit instead...who wants to be on the computer during festive holidays...not me. So let's catch up with our glorious vacation in Mexico.
On our second day we ventured to Soriana- a big supermarket. We purchased some wonderful food for the week, and waited in line for a fresh warm paper package of corn tortillas. Every morning we took turns making breakfast, seeing who could make the best use of the same ingredients. MMMmmm.
Next stop the Sunset Hotel. Elijah had his first golf cart ride down to the pool, what fun! Elijah and I hung out while the boys played volleyball. Later we walked the long secluded beach, it was so beautiful.

The next day we took the local bus to Playa Chileno for some great snorkeling, beautiful sights and relaxing with the baby. The bus ride there was easy peasy, and just a short walk down the road once we got off. On the way back we had to hike up the highway on a busy overpass and wait for the bus while cars and trucks raced by ...yikes...I hate fast cars.
The next few days we spent relaxing by the pool, eating amazing food and we even stumbled upon a Carnival complete with a steel drum band! We all danced in the moonlight.
Dan and I took a cooking class and my Dad watched Elijah, when we came back he was sound asleep.
Elijah even met a new friend by the pool... 
We had to venture up to my favourite store, there is something about bright colors, handicrafts and religious paraphernalia that I absolutely adore.
We had to go back to Playa Chileno to get one last snorkel in, I was dreading the walk back on the highway to the bus stop so Dan, Elijah and I hitched a ride instead...Papa took the bus! It was Elijah's very first time hitch hiking.
We took Elijah in the Ocean for the first time, he liked the waves and kicked his feet around happily!
Elijah was quite flirtatious during our trip and received many kisses from passing ladies and even charmed the housekeeping staff into making his side of the bed extra special!


  1. Oh my how I love these all...your sassy blue sunglasses , matching the perfect blue sky back-drop, blending into the crystal blue ocean...
    and that Elijah of yours, I just wanna snatch him outta the photo and snuggle him!

  2. Hi Juli and Dan: Wonderful pictures of your trip! Elijah is sooo cute!

  3. I just love all photos! I especially love the one of Eli riding on Dad's shoulders and the family foot shot. Such great memories!